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PARAGON is the most successful multi-game SWP (skill with prizes) terminal of all time with more than 16,000 terminals sold in the UK alone. With its unique GamePack SMART software packages, it hosts the highest earning Games Menu in the sector. Paragon benefits from three major software updates per year and in-house content developments sit alongside games from third party partners and all include premium branded titles such as Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop and Match of the Day. All Paragon terminal models run the same software packages.

A further recent development, in response to changing UK gambling legislation is the availability (optional) of Category C gaming titles with a jackpot of up to £70. These include Roulette and Blackjack. Paragon's continued success can be attributed to recognising the needs of the pub/bar player, operator and location owner and focusing product developments accordingly.

All Paragon machines can be operated as online machines, allowing us to manage the content and therefore profitability, to maximise the takings. This feature also allows us to update the game content on a monthly basis.

Games Warehouse Paragon TT

PARAGON TT & TT09 were launched respectively and are the UK's market leading SWP terminals, delivering unique game content and proven cashbox performance. Features include a high resolution 22-inch 16:10 aspect ratio LCD monitor, scratch-resistant touchscreen, multi-point door locking and an improved internal airflow system.

Dimensions for Paragon TT are as follows: Height 1,650mm, Width 710mm, Depth 530mm and Weight 90kg.

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Games Warehouse Paragon Pro 23

The PARAGON PRO-23 terminal was the first model to introduce Online Connectivity to this proven package and also the leading Megatouch games from the portfolio of our US company, Merit Entertainment (now AMI Entertainment Network).

Dimensions for Paragon Pro-23 are as follows: Height 1,605mm, Width 680mm, Depth 531mm and Weight 110kg

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