Fruit Machines

Deal or No Deal - The Big One

3 Phones activate DoND - collect more to eliminate values

Shoot at the cash meters - the value adds to the total

Shoot for win spins and cash strikes

Collect 3 Noels to activate the top board

Fill the name trail to activate the feature

Fill it red to activate Deal or No Deal

Nudges can be banked for the next game

Complete the matrix for streaks. All red means MEGA STREAK

"The Big One" symbol automatically fills the name trail

Fill the fruit matrix for a bonus

When reels light red, wins and feature entry are upgraded

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Deal or No Deal - Powerplay

Use the Powerplay button to enhance 32 different areas of the game

Includng: NUDGES - HOLDS - SPINS - FEATURES - Deal or No Deal

and many many more. It stays active until you use it.

When will you try some Powerplay?

Feel the animation as your hand moves towards the button...

Also new combined shot zone - Loads of juicy red and white wins.

5 levels of Deal or No Deal - and GO ALL THE WAY when all the phones are all Red.

Power into the board game with the name trail. Fill it with red to win.

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Deal or no Deal - Turbo

Fill the number trail to access the turbo gamble

Fill the Trail Held Ladder to access bonuses including direct

access to the board game, super board and Deal or No Deal.

Land on Cash of Feature squares to shoot at the Cash and Feature panels

Spin the hi lo reel contained within the spinfinity pot to move around the board

Light noels icon to access the super board

Light 3 phones to access Deal or no Deal. Light more phones to eliminate lower value boxes. Your box is hidden behind the mirror.

Fill the streak matrix with red or blue boxes for a Streak, Super Streak or Mega streak

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Deal or No Deal - Double Chance

Double Deal or no Deal super feature. Work out whats in your box, or get combined offers from both panels

Mega shots build up cash in the Mega Meter

Landing on Open Zone extends the board to higher paying squares

Take Super Shots at Win Spins, Box Shots, Cash and Feature Strikes or Reel Blasts. Refuse them for the chance of a higher prize.

Play £1 Stake for better feature access from phones in view or on the winline. Activate Deal or No Deal from the start on £1 play

Fill the streak matrix RED for Mega Streak, Blue for Super Streak or MIXED for a Streak.

Fill the Progressive Cashpot and reserve for BIG MONEY

Call today: 01434 607 088